About Us

Sanpharma has been the meeting point of science, talent, and nature since 2014.  Our innovative ideas , integrity, and many years experience in the health sector are  the foundation upon which we build.We are committed to constant improvements across new product development, as well as to exceeding even the highest quality standards 


Our Mission

Sanpharma's purpose is to be a cutting edge company that adds innovation and value to the sector we serve. We aim  to  make a difference and produce products that will increase the quality of life in our society.

Quality products are only possible with quality raw materials, quality workmanship and quality organizations. Excellence  and innovation are the core reasons for our company’s existence, our ongoing research and  development, creative ideas and innovative solutions enable us to achieve outstanding products.

Contract Manufacturer

Sanpharma is also proud to offer flexible and optimized product solutions and to work closely with our customers as their most trusted partners.

We aim to support  our customers in launching their products faster, and with premium quality, we maximize effectiveness and safety through a precise process management system and efficient production management.

For us, just being good at manufacturing is simply not enough – we recognize being innovative is the real key to your success. That’s why we have spent over 10 years focusing on innovation and adding value to our customers’ products through advanced nutraceutical formulations.

As a contract manufacturer, our R&D centre is second to none in the dietary supplements industry. It's the powerful driving force behind our business; enabling us to provide exceptional product solutions for our partners.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction


Sanpharma is a customer focused business our approach is concentrated on your specific needs.

We offer you:

  • Highest quality from raw materials to final products in compliance with strict certifications.
  • Safety and efficiency throughout the entire process.
  • Just-in-time delivery around the globe.
  • Global customer service.
  • Door-to-door service in  Europe.

Our Values

  • To value people
  • Innovation
  • Scientific
  • Responsibility towards the environment and nature
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Satisfaction of all our business partners and society



We are very excited to be opening our new London Office to service the United Kingdom and Ireland with the launch of our 6 new  Immune boosting products  


Sanpharma is currently trading in Turkey, UK, USA and Europe