Multijelly 7Pcs

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Plenty of Vitamins, Amusing Teddy Bears with Plenty Multivitamins...

  • Thanks to its special vitamin and mineral content, it helps to support mental and physical development in children.
  • Supports the immune system in children by containing “vitamin C “.
  • It is rich in “B group vitamins“ which is important for the development of intelligence and success in school.
  • Ensures healthy bone and tooth development thanks to “Vitamin D”.
  • “Zinc” contained in it, supports the nervous system, mental development and immune system and also helps to work up an appetite in children.
  • It is rich in “Folic Acid “, which supports cell division in periods of growth and development in children.
  • Supports the immune system thanks to the strong antioxidant effect of “Selenium“ in it.
  • Orange, Apple, Tropical and Strawberry-Lemon…Perfect taste with 4 different flavors...

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